2 12 years ago my service 4 wheel drive light came on. A friend from church recommended Express Transmissions. I took my Yukon XL there. They found out that I had a transfer case leak along with something to do with the crank [?] $1700 later and all was well. Left feeling good about the job but more secure about the 3 year 50,000 mile warranty. Fast forward to two weeks ago and I'm getting my tires rotated and the technician says Ma'am you have a REALLY bad transfer case leak. Oh no not again. I found my old paper work from Express and checked to see if it was within the 3 years..nearly 5 months left...check, checked the millage 3,194 miles left...cutting it close but it was within the 50,000. Took all my paperwork with me and my your not going to take advantage of me attitude and drove down. I just KNEW they were going to make it hard on me. They asked me to leave it for a few hours so they could take a look and since I had my warranty paperwork I was told there would be no charge to diagnose the problem. Wow good strike number one. They called about 4 hours later and confirmed it was a transfer case leak and they would need to tear it apart, fix it, seal it up and put it all back together. I asked how much it would cost...and I swear I about fell down...they said nothing, it's covered OK good strike number 2. Two days later Erica calls and says It's all fixed, come and pick her up. I was still leery thinking once I got down they would say Oh yeah by the way we found yadda yadda yadda and you owe us a gazillion dollars Got to the office they had me sign the proof of work papers and handed me the keys. The paperwork said I owed them zero...but I asked how much it would have cost and was told it was around $935 WOW good strike number 3. Drove her off the lot and my Check 4 wheel drive light came back on. Good strike feelings are staring to drop by the second. I made a u-turn and drove back in. Went to the office told them what happened, and they had one of their lead mechanics come take a quick look thinking it was just the sensor that needed to be re-set. He tried to re-set it but some codes kept showing up. He asked to drive it back onto the lifts... and visually inspected....something LOL sorry I don't really know what he was looking for or at. He comes into the office and tells the office manager that when they were putting the case back together they accidentally broke the [reading my paper work] Transfer case output speed sensor stored in the Powertrain Control Module. They informed me that they would need to order the part, but I could take my truck home for the weekend. Brought it back this morning bright and early. 5 hours later they called and said it was ready. Came back down to pick her up. I asked if the sensor was under the warranty....technically it wasn't due to it had not been replaced with the original work 2 12 years ago, but the likely hood that they broke it they would pay for the part and waive all the labor cost. Wow good strike number 4. I will always be grateful that they stood behind their work and their warranty. I will have ZERO problem suggesting Express Transmissions to my friends and family. I wish all auto shops would step up to the plate like these guys did. As the rating says...Yeah...I'm a fan Thank you everyone at Express Transmissions!!

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