Axle Replacement & Service

Express Transmissions are experts in front and rear axle replacement and service!

There is a complex structure of parts beneath your vehicle that help to deliver power and assist in driving and making turns. Each part serves a purpose and plays an important role I ensuring you have a smooth driving experience. These parts do the duty of moving power from the engine through parts and joints to the wheels so they will move when you desire to accelerate and turn. The axle shaft is part of the underbelly system and it shifts power from the rear differential gearbox to the wheels. Every time you move your steering wheel, the axle of your vehicle moves to allow the car to travel in the direction you’ve chosen. The axle shaft rotates with the wheels and is located within the steel housings in the rear of the vehicle.

Making turns in your vehicle can be quite hazardous if you are experiencing axle shaft deterioration. Although the axle shaft is designed and built to provide pivoting service to your wheels for many years, like all parts, they eventually wear down and need replacement. Axle shafts can also break, which will require immediate attention by a certified technician, if it happens to your vehicle. At Express Transmissions, we can get the axle shafts in your vehicle replaced with a comparable, high-quality axle replacement in no time. As soon as you begin to notice a clicking noise when you turn, bring your vehicle in and prevent your axle from breaking and in time for aquick, quality axle replacement.

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