Transfer Case Service

If you need to replace transfer case fluid, parts or general transfer case service, Express Transmissions' Certified techs can help!

When it comes to dispensing power and torque needed for driving both on-road and off-road, there are many parts that allow your vehicle to function correctly. Within your four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicle is a transfer case that relocates the power distributed by the engine. Both the front and back axles rely on the transfer case to provide power and the case matches the rotation of the front tires to those in the back of the vehicle and, when needed it sends power to just the front or just the back. When your vehicles’ rear tires are a different size than your front, it’s essential that the transfer case splits the power between the front and back.

Your vehicles’ transfer case, as it experiences wear or begins to break down does not give a warning sign that it doing so. You may notice a fluid leak, but the only way to tell the source of that leak is to bring it in and have a mechanic check it. Over time, the transfer case in some vehicles will wear to the point of creating a hole. A hole in your transfer case or the pump housing that distributes the lubrication can result in the need for multiple part replacements, as the fluid will cause friction to damage parts and increase heat. Bring your vehicle in at the specified maintenance markers so we can catch a potential transfer case problem during inspection.

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