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Given its name because of its primary job in splitting the difference and allowing wheels to act as independent units, differentials play a vital role in the overall functioning of your vehicle. On vehicles with four or all-wheel drive, there is a differential over each axle. They point power from the transmission to the wheels, defined as torque, and allow you to turn smoothly. Because the two outer tires turn at a fast rate than the inner tires, the differential is necessary to maintain an evenly paced turn for your vehicle. The outer tires have a further distance to travel on turns, so travel faster, plus, they are further from the central point of the vehicle. The differentials allow the wheels to turn at different speeds and to do so safely.

Your vehicle requires differential fluid to keep it lubricated, and you should bring it in to have it changed at the manufacturer recommended mileage interval. If you notice a rumbling noise while turning, a brown fluid leaks from the vehicle, a whining noise when accelerating, or even a low clinking sound every few feet while driving, you may need your differentials replaced. We recommend bringing your vehicle in as soon as possible as damage to the differentials can result in an unsafe driving experience and cause damage to other parts of the wheels, axles or bearings. Schedule a differential service with Express Transmissions today!

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