Driveline Service

Need driveline service? Have our ASE Certified Driveline specialists do it for you.

Though they vary based upon whether the vehicle is a two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive model, the driveline encompasses all the parts of the drivetrain. The wheels on your vehicle turn because an axle turns and the axles turn thanks to the driveline. If, while driving, your vehicle begins to shudder or while shifting you notice a clunking sound, the Universal joint, or u-joints that connect the driveline may be damaged and need to be replaced. Higher mileage vehicles are more prone to experiencing driveline vibration, which is more noticeable at speeds above 20 miles per hour, but lower than 45 miles per hour.

Because the driveline is made up of several parts, it should be serviced, handled, and repaired by a certified technician. The transmission and differential both connect to the driveline and damage to the driveline could result in damage to those parts also. If you are experiencing trouble, bring your vehicle in to Express Transmissions and allow us to check for issues and if your vehicle needs any driveline service done. Putting off repairs or maintenance service could cost you a significant amount more than a preventative care appointment and inspection. We will inspect the driveline, the drive shaft, and ensure that the u-joints are properly aligned. We encourage you to bring your high-mileage vehicle in to ensure it receives the right driveline service and is properly and adequately lubricated and that there is no damage.

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