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Great service, great work and a great experience overall. We highly recommend Express Transmissions!
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Lexus Repair and Service

Express Transmissions has been one the most well regarded Lexus repair centers in Stockton for years. We been able to earn this great reputation thanks to our commitment to always meeting the high standards set by the Lexus factory, this is what Lexus owners expect in Stockton and we do not want to let them down.

Your Lexus was one of the best cars available when you drove it off the lot. Do you remember how well it drove? You can have that feeling for years to come if you come to Express Transmissions for all of your Lexus repair needs. You may not get that new car smell back, but you can enjoy:

  • Unsurpassed driving pleasure
  • Great gas mileage
  • Increased safety
  • Lower operating costs

You enjoyed the best of all of those when you first started driving your car around Stockton. Why not continue to enjoy it for years to come? Bring it to the Lexus repair technicians at Express Transmissions and it can be possible.

What do the experienced, trained and certified technicians at Express Transmissions have access to that gives them the best chance at success? We provide them with the latest computer diagnostic equipment in Stockton. Your Lexus is an advanced piece of 21st century technology. You need equipment at the same level to be able to work on it. We also have located local Lexus replacement parts. These OEM quality parts are as good, or even better, than what was installed in the factory. Call up Express Transmissions if you think your Lexus deserves this.

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